Partner Up with Sunflo Roofing

Convert Dead Leads into Closed Deals

A client ready to buy solar but not having a roof that qualifies no longer means a dead lead. At Sunflo, we’re experts in getting roof repairs or replacements covered by insurance companies or financedImagine how busy you could be if someone took all those ‘dead’ leads and turned them into homes with new roofs and clients eager for your solar services. 

We have a 100% success rate! Let us show you how we can turn your dead leads into happy solar homeowners.

Don’t let those prospects slip away. They want those tax breaks and energy savings, help them qualify for them. We’ll work on getting the roof covered while you work on getting their deductible rolled into their financing. 

Let Our Experience Be Your Advantage!

Get started today by scheduling a call with our solar panel partner team. They will guide you on how we help your prospects with their roofs.