Why You Should Consider a Metal Tile Roof in Florida

Why You Should Consider a Metal Tile Roof in Florida

A metal tile roof is an investment in your home. It’s not nearly as economical as a shingle roof, but the short and long-term benefits may make it worth your money.

Short-Term Benefits of a Metal Tile Roof

Energy Efficient:

Cooling bills can easily make up more than half of your electricity bill in the Florida summers. Metal tiles are coated to reflect solar radiant heat. With less energy making it into your home, you’ll need less energy to cool it, resulting in far more tolerable electricity bills immediately after installation.


Getting a new roof is a huge investment, not just financially, but in materials as well. Disposal of asphalt shingle roofing products results in 20 billion pounds of trash every year. While asphalt is recyclable, finding facilities that will do so at a tolerable expense is difficult. Clay tiles are also recyclable, but finding a recycling facility that accepts them can be even more difficult than the shingles.

Metal tile panels, which sometimes start their lives as recycled material have a 50-year warranty. This means that you might go through 2 or more full asphalt tile roofs in the same time you only invest in one metal tile roof. The metal is also fully recyclable. Because it’s both profitable and an easily recycled material, finding facilities to take them is an easier process.

Photos of a recent Boral Tile roof we completed in August, 2021

Long-term Benefits of a Metal Tile Roof


While a metal tile roof will cost more up front, it is a valuable long-term investment in your home. It’s warrantied to last 50 years, as mentioned earlier, that means one metal roof could last as long as 2 shingle roofing systems. In addition to that, it increases the value of your home. By some estimate up to 6% of a homes’ value. This means that you could recoup up to 85% of your costs upon resale of your home.

Maintenance and Ease of Repair:

While you should always have Sunflo come out and do a free full inspection on your home every year or after any major weather event, the metal tile roofing requires very little maintenance.

Repairing your metal roof is even easier than you could dream. Smaller dents, whether they be from debris or hail are so easy to fix, you get a kit to it yourself. But don’t worry, you’ve got a 50-year warranty and Sunflo will be happy to service it for you.

Weather Safety:

Florida storms are something we’re all concerned about. Being in a home with a metal tile roof during a storm is a far better option than a shingle or clay roof. The metal tile roof will not attract lightning any more than a clay or an asphalt roof. The metal tiles are virtually indestructible, so even if it is struck, or an electrical line sparks, the roof will not catch fire.

During a hurricane, and we have plenty of those, a metal tile roof is safe against some of the strongest winds. Most products achieve a 140 mph wind rating! Some versions, with proper support, can even withstand 180mph winds!

Still Thinking About It?

We get it, it’s a big investment. Give us a call, let answer any questions you have remaining. We’ll happily come out and do a free inspection, quote you for your current roofing setup and for a metal tile roof, so you can make an informed decision.



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