Understanding the Costs Associated with a Roof Replacement

Understanding the Costs Associated with a Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof without an insurance claim can be a daunting task. But it’s one that is often taken up when it’s absolutely needed. Understanding the components that go into building a roof can help you know what to expect and prepare you for the costs involved.

The Replacement Process

Removing the old roof is a pretty standard process, it requires manpower, skill, and a dumpster:

  • All existing shingles will be pulled
  • The drip edging will be removed
  • All roofing materials pulled from your roof will be removed from your property

Once the old roofing materials are removed the layers underneath your shingles will be exposed for evaluation. If there are weaknesses in these layers, they will be replaced to maintain the integrity of the base of your new roof. Next, they’ll cover this base with roofing paper. After the paper is laid, a new metal drip edging will be applied around the edge of the roof. New flashing will be applied to any areas where 2 roof planes meet.

Your roofing material of choice will be installed. If you’re using shingles, you’ll see them start at the bottom and work their way up. Other materials, especially metal roofs, will be installed in a different method. Where practical, a ridge vent, the continuous vent along the peak of the roof that helps air circulation, will be installed.

Finally, a good roofing company will clean it all up again!

Breakdown of Costs: Materials, Skills and Labor, and Third-Party Costs

Materials – The components of your roof determine a large portion of the cost of your roof. If you choose an economical option like standard shingles, your overall costs will be much lower than if you choose a premium product like barrel tile or metal shingles. You have to weigh those costs with the longevity of the roof. You’ll also be paying for the materials used, basic things like nails and boards, and more specific items like the drip edges and vents. At the moment, the price of the wood used in most roof projects has skyrocketed. While these costs may have been a small component 2 or 3 years ago, they are much higher today and it has nothing to do with the roofing company’s profits.

Skills and Labor – Overall a roof replacement will take several days of work on your roof. A day to remove your old roof is typical. How long it takes to apply the new roof depends on the type of materials your using and the complexity of your setup. The wait time in between the two depends on your permitting and local inspectors.

Third-party costs – If you’re using a smaller roofing contractor, they may outsource some parts of the process. Their dumpster may be rented, or they may rent the conveyor used to load materials onto your roof. You also have to pay fees related to inspections.


Overall, getting your roof replaced is a big endeavor, but understanding the costs may give you more understanding of how and why you’ll have to pay what you do.

At Sunflo, we explain everything from start to finish. We are always available to answer questions related to anything from costs, to material types, to timeframes. Our staff is local and we deal exclusively with roofing systems in Florida, so we are familiar with the climate and with the local standards and inspectors. Contact us today to find out how we can make replacing your roof easier.



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