Should I Have My Roof Inspected Before Hurricane Season?

Above-normal activity is predicted this hurricane season. While this may be an exceptionally stressful year, it’s still important to think about your biggest investment, your home. You should always have your roof inspected after a major wind event. But did you know that having it inspected before a storm could help protect you during a hurricane and save you money? 

Repair Small Issues

A thorough roof inspection by a licensed roofer can identify small issues that could become much larger during a wind event. Before you have a leak or even a wet spot inside your home, there’s usually an identifiable weakness somewhere outside. A trained eye can identify loose shingles or nails, spot early issues around skylights, pipes, or vents and evaluate any unusual wear on individual shingles. Finding these types of small weaknesses in your roof and correcting them proactively can have 2 benefits. The first is it extends the lifespan of your roof. The second is that it can protect your home during a hurricane. 


Before storm season, a good roofing company’s inspection can alert you to potential retrofitting that can be done to protect your home. Especially for older roofs, there are a number of economical steps that can be taken to help secure your roof. The most popular of these are referred to as hurricane straps, galvanized steel ‘straps’ that attach to each rafter or truss in your roof. Other options include fastening the roof sheathing with additional screws or nails. These steps should be executed by a professional, who will not compromise the integrity of your roof.

During an inspection, a reputable roofer will also evaluate your gutter system, identifying any weakness that could increase flooding or leave standing water on your roof. There should also be a thorough evaluation of the integrity of your roof’s membrane, to ensure it doesn’t have any holes or rips and that flashings are secured correctly.

Avoid Hurricane Deductibles

Hurricane Deductibles are a different scale of costs associated with an insurance claim filed after a named storm. While your normal deductible may be a set amount, say $1,000, your hurricane deductible is a portion of the value of your home, generally between 1-5%. So the costs you may after pay after a named storm are much higher than they’d been before the storm. 

Identifying and correcting issues can protect your roof from the storm. Working with a licensed roofer with the experience of dealing with insurance companies before hurricane season begins, can help you repair replace your roof without incurring the dreaded Hurricanes Deductible.

Peace of Mind

Making sure tiles are in place, seals are watertight, and there are no weak spots can help keep you stay safe and maintain the integrity of your roof. By finding small weaknesses that can be corrected before a storm and identifying potential retrofits, a thorough inspection can help protect your home and your sanity this season. Having a good roofing company can do that too. Call us today to schedule your free inspection. Get to know our staff and procedures before you need repairs and then you’ll always know who to call when an issue does arise.



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